Fire Warden

This course covers the role of Fire Warden / Fire Marshal within the workplace and will train participants to deal with fire in an emergency and oversee an evacuation in an event of a fire.

Course Details

  • Legal responsibilities / duties under the Safety, Health & Welfare Work Act 2005 and the 1981 / 2003 Fire Services Act
  • The duties of a Fire Warden
  • Chemistry of Fire (Fire Triangle)
  • Fire Prevention / Hazard Spotting
  • How to monitor a Fire Safety Programme
  • The importance of record keeping
  • Action to be taken in the event of Fire / Emergency
  • Calling & assisting the Emergency Services
  • Safe use of Fire Safety Equipment
  • On-Site Detailed Fire Walk with all course participants
  • Familiarization with the Fire Panel

Who Should Attend – Nominated Fire Wardens / Deputy Fire Wardens

Duration – 3 hours

Maximum Participants – 12-15 People